Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Distract! Distract!

I have been a bad blogger. I've been busy with little people and 10th wedding anniversaries. (Ok, just one. My own. Thank you very much. ) I have not been updating you on my knitting which has consisted mostly of plain socks for little people. On the up side, they work up REALLY fast. I do have one or two things to show you once I have a photo shoot.

SO, to peak your interest, I would like to tell you about the knitting books that are coming out in the near future that I am obsessing about. I feel like it's been a while since I have been excited about a new knitting book. There are good ones, but I am more discerning and am unlikely to buy a book if there are only a pattern or two in it for me. I also have a rather lengthy queue on Ravelry. (Go check it out. I think I'm on page 6 and it's likely to grow.) In spite of these factors, I will be heading to my local bookstore/yarn store/computer to check out the following titles.

1) More Last Minute Knitted Gifts The first book is one of my favourites. I look at the pictures. I browse through the patterns. I have knit several gifts from it and it is one of my favourite books to pick up when I lack inspiration.

2) Brave New Knits I read knitting blogs. It's like keeping in touch with my people. Knitters get me and I love reading about their projects. I like that other people have the same problems I do, that they sometimes have to start again, that in the end, they try to do their best to sharpen their skills or show their appreciation for someone they love.

3) Little Red in the City I heart Ysolda. I have both of her e books and find them charming and sweet, filled with little projects that teach me some new trick. She is so clever and her patterns are easily read and so amazing to knit. A whole book of new sweaters with information on how to tailor your knitting to your body will be a must have for every knitter. At least for this knitter.

4) Knit. Sock. Love Cookie A is the master of sock design. Each pattern is a master piece. (To confess, I still have many socks to knit from her first sock book, Sock Innovation. It is full of information on how to fit socks to your own foot as well as designing your very own master piece.)

Fall always reminds me of back to school. I guess I'll be hitting the books and trying new knitting techniques. Are there any new books you are excited about?