Thursday, July 29, 2010

One Sexy Beast

These buttons can tell a story of travels from Oregon to Alberta and then to Australia. I have to say I wasn't sure if they'd be worth the wait....

(I think they were - they look amazing on it....)

My Love is one of the most patient people I know (he has to be - he lives with me) - but I think he was getting somewhat impatient about getting his sweater.

I'm pretty sure he thinks it was worth the wait.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saving Summer in a Jar

Knitting in the summer is somehow not quite right. For those of us who rely on multiple layers of clothing to protect our extremities for at least half the year, wool is our friend. We require much warmth and knitting is an excellent way to provide this warmth. It's so important that we often spend our summers knitting in preparation for the winter. (And also for Christmas, but I digress).

The last few days, I have been doing some other work to prepare for the short, cold days of winter. I made jam. I made raspberry-blueberry-strawberry jam. I picked strawberries in a farmer's field and turned them into jam. I added rhubarb and port and made another batch. Making jam is not knitting but I derive the same sense of satisfaction when I line up my pretty little jars on the shelf in my basement, waiting to opened one morning when the sun hasn't risen and the world is covered with sparkly snow. I'll open my little jar and the smell of summer will seep out. I'll spread it on my toast and remember when I was warm.

(Do you want some jam, too? Here's a quick recipe. Take 8 cups of sliced strawberries, 5 cups of sugar and 1/4 cup of lemon juice. Mash them up in a pot and then boil it until it becomes thick. Pour it into jars and admire your work.)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dion A

I have a brother who became a physics teacher. He reads scientific magazines. He browses the non-fiction section of book stores. He designs science experiments that involve sending a current through a pickle. (No. I'm not joking. Why do you ask?)

He often makes fun of me. That's what big brothers do. But for all that, he is supportive when I need and he loves when I knit him socks.

So I did. He has a birthday coming up. I'm pretty sure he'll be showing these off to all of his science buddies.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New challenges

I figured leaving my family, leaving my friends, moving across the world, setting up a new house and learning a new language (yes, it's a new language) was not enough.

I have started spinning.

Yep - spinning.

I'm very bad at it - but I'm doing it. I have made one small ball of something....well, I hesitate to use the word yarn.

I present to you my first attempt:

My plan is to use it as an edging on a toque. I am proud of it. I made it and I will use it.

Next up - some lovely orange and brown merino fiber.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paper Princesses

I have been putting off knitting sweaters for my little girls for a while. There was always something else to do, a Christmas gift, a baby. I have finally started the Paper Dolls sweater, one for each little girl.

I am using Wollmeise Twin (80 % wool, 20 % nylon) in a lovely purple and a hot pink. The yarn has proven to be quite soft and the colours show off the pattern nicely.
This one is for the big girl. I plan to make another with the colours reversed. Now I just have to decide whether I wait to give them as Christmas presents or take a bunch of adorable pictures in them before the holidays.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Warm feet - Done!

Yeah!! I have warm feet.

Life is pretty good so far.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Warm feet

I've heard that it can be "cold" in Australia during the winter. Whenever I've heard this before I've laughed and then said "have you ever lived in Edmonton?". Seriously - being a Canadian and living in one of the coldest cities in the world, you'd think it would have me prepared for any level of cold.

I was wrong.

I'm freezing here. Especially in the house at night. Freezing. There is no insulation and minimal heating. I haven't removed my socks since I arrived, and my Love is walking around the house at night in his coat. I am concerned my Canadian passport will be revoked by admitting this. FREEZING.

I'm a knitter though - so I can easily resolve this. I've cast on some Philosopher's House Socks (from Cat Bordhi) in a mohair blend. I started about 24hours ago and am making good headway (aran weight yarn socks are fast fast fast). I hope these do the trick - otherwise I'll have to layer them with some fuzzy slippers....this is what my world is coming to. Whatever it takes to stay warm.