Sunday, September 2, 2007

J.'s Top Five Free Sock Patterns

Or Doing a Quick Post

5. Baudelaire- My first toe-ups.
4. Jaywalkers- I just love the Grumperina. She's great! And everyone who knits should make these socks.
3. Earl Grey- Ok, I haven't knit these yet but I totally intend to and it's really hard to find nice patterns for men's socks.
2. Fawkes- Loved these socks! Quick to knit and cute and timely!
1. Monkey- Ok, if you haven't knit these socks, where have you been? I've made only one pair but believe me, there will be more. Someone out there even did baby monkeys! How can you not love a baby monkey?

Ok. There are other sock pattern out there that are free and amazing. What are your favorites?

(And did you check out my sock count? Go tell T. to get her DPNs in gear.)


T. said...

Very excited to try the Earl Grey's. I have to add Hedera - pretty, easy and very lovely. Let's give a "hey" to Cookie A.

andi said...

I do love the Fawkes and really must try them. And your sock count is putting us all to shame. Do you knit in your sleep?

J. said...

Some of my socks on the Christmas Sock Round Up are for kids so they don't take as long. Don't worry I'll be slowing down as I've saved some socks for big feet til the fall.

T. said...

Like whose big feet????

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