Thursday, September 20, 2007


I have been knitting. A little here, a little there and you know something? I'm actually seeing some progress.

I finished a pair of socks. They are meant for little feet and are doing their bit to boost my Christmas sock count. (Eat your heart out, T.)

Here they are basking in the glow of my computer screen. Actually, they remind me of these. Great minds think alike. (Note: Not, in fact, the same pair of socks.)

I've been dabbling with this...

...and that. I'm finding this Hanami thing a bit tricky. On the one hand, I would love to just knit it up and finish it but I'm co-hosting a KAL for it, so I should set a good example and practise what I preach.

And finally, the much awaited Tomten. (Cue the Angel Choir.) This thing is going very quickly. I had to fudge the numbers a bit because my yarn is extra fat. As it is, I'm getting 3.5 stitches per inch on 6mm needles. I cast on 96 stitches and did 32 ridges until I divided for the armholes. I'm really liking my color selections. The browns and green are very 1970's retro. Good thing I'm vintage 1976. I hope things continue on the way they have. It's unseasonably cool here right now and I'd love to wrap my bundle of joy in this bundle of garter stitch.


T. said...

Yeah- you're kicking my ass in the sock dept - but I'm working on it.

Love love love the Tomten - and the colors scream my name!! Are you sure it's not for me???

andi said...

The Tomten is looking gorgeous. And I didn't know tiny socks counted towards the total. 8 pairs already? That's insane.

catknip said...

Love the colours! And T, it could be for me.

J. said...

It is absolutely for my piglet. Knit your own Tomten. They're really not that hard. It's actually way easier than lace, Catnip. You'd love it!