Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Please Come In.

I'm in !!! I'm in I'm in I'm in!!!


I got my invite on the weekend and got all signed up. This site is so cool!!! I'm not going to bore you with details becaus if you're in, then you'll know all about it. If you're not in, then you will want to get on the waitlist but not because you heard about it here. I'm sure you've read more interesting posts than this one extolling the virtues of Ravelry.

This invitation has got me feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I'd like to invite any Ravellers out there to be my friend. Come and find me! I'm the only Joline there. (Ok, now you know my dirty secret.) If you are Unravelled, then I hope you will sign up for this amazing resource and if you don't think you're interested, then leave me a comment. We can still be blog friends. I don't mind.

I have been plugging away on my Tomten. I finished the hood last night at SnB and started picking up the sleeve stitches. I love SnB. Where else can you talk about the pros and cons of the new Harmony needles from Knitpicks? And would I prefer the DPNs or the options? And should you subscribe to knitting magazines or just get them from the library? And I learned all about Magic Loop in 5 minutes or less!

Here's my Tomten. I plan on sitting on the couch and watching TV while soothing my sore throat with a hot toddy. And I'll be waiting to hear from my friends.


T. said...

Are you whoring yourself for friends??

J. said...


catknip said...

I think it's fabulous (your tomten, not the whoring part).