Monday, September 24, 2007

T.'s Top 5 Favorite Knitty Patterns

What Knitter doesn't love Knitty?? Amy Singer is a genius editor (not just of Knitty - her book No Sheep for You is fairly fabulous also), and she finds some seriously cute, fun, useful, different items. My dream is to have something published in Knitty...I'm working on it. I actually have 'lost' my project, but the idea is still hidden somewhere in the recesses of my mind.

Anyway, back to my original thought. Things I want to or have knit from Knitty:

1. Hip in Hemp - have not knit this yet, but I love it. There are not a lot of knit skirt patterns out there that are made for us women with curves (that's the nice way of saying hippy). I love the shape of this skirt, and would really like to try knitting with hemp. It's definitely in my queue.

2. Monkey socks - the pattern that is #1 in Ravelry. 'nuf said. FABULOUS.

3. Trellis - I knit this for my boy and it was my first real cable project. What little kid wouldn't look freakin' adorable in a cabled sweater with a rolled collar. Really.

4. Leftovers - Very smart use for yarn you have lying around. It actually took way more yarn than I thought! It was the first project I knit that fit me really well (that's to say that I usually 'overestimate' my size and end up with large projects - this one was nicely fitted so it worked out ok). The yarn is wonderfully soft and I love wearing this. The same can't be said for all the things I've knit.

5. 302 Calories - I have not knit this, but any knitting magazine that publishes a pattern of a thong knit out of licorice is high on my list of must see sites. The Summer 2004 issue is for all the knitters of our generation - fun, sexy, and tongue in cheek. I tell you, that Amy Singer is one smart lady.

There are many, many others (like this and this and this and this). If you haven't been to the Knitty site before - go, go quickly. You will be entralled, you will laugh and you will run out and buy yarn.


J. said...

Love it.

How many times have I knit Daisy? Too many to count!

Lauren said...

Well put. There are just way too many amazing patterns on Knitty.

Maybe you and J should have a 302 calories KAL. Fun!