Monday, December 28, 2009

In Limbo

The week between Christmas and New Year's is always one of my favorites - at least since I work for a place that is always closed for that week. You are trying to relax, put toys together, eat more and hunker down.

However, my kids are a little tired of being together every moment for the last week, so some friends coming over is a welcomed distraction.

And the inaugural skate on the backyard rink. My biggest kid did NOT want to come inside - he could have been out there all day.

We have a few more days of this blissful existence before the return to the regular schedule. We'll try and enjoy every minute of it.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Make Mittens

Do you know how sometimes you just start knitting something and before you know it, you've got a dozen of them in the queue? Well, this year is the year of the mitten.

Some for small hands.

EZ's May Mittens in Madelinetosh Worsted and Galway Wool. These were a wonderful introduction to knitting with a colour in each hand. They went so well, I'll do it again.

And mittens for long hands.
Blindingly orange Alchemy Juniper yarn twisted and turned into Green Autumn mittens by Jared Flood.

Both went to good homes with very dear knitters.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Lies I Tell

Long ago I wrote a post saying how I had only one thing on my knitting list for Christmas this year (I of course can't find that post, but trust me, I said it).

The Beast.

Then the closer and closer we get to the big day I start adding in projects. Little ones here and there. And a couple of big ones. And then my Love also starting adding things to the Christmas knit list. Next thing you know.....

No Beast done.

My Love knows it's not coming.

He laughs that I'm stressed about it.

He laughs at me a lot actually.

He will get a body and a sleeve under the Christmas tree this year. I hope that he can be wearing it by Valentine's day.

I'm pretty sure he'll keep me around no matter what. I make some pretty good Nanaimo bars to make up for my shortcomings as a knitter.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Her Hands

Hands are very personal things. They are unique and individual. Hands tell the story of a life.

My Baba's hands are wrinkly. The fingers are a little crooked but strong. They kneed dough. They roll cookies. Her pinkies are delicate and turn in slightly at the last joint. Baba wears a ring with the birthstones of her five children. When she visits with people, her hands sit in her lap, occasionally bouncing a little.

Those hands have worked hard. They have milked cows, held baby chicks, cooked and cleaned for her ever expanding family. They have cradled me while I slept, tapped me on the back when I've done well, held me close.

And now they will be warm.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Animal Planet

Today, we will be studying the ferocious bath mitt in it's natural habitat.

It eyes it's prey.

It looks about for other predators.

Seeing no other dangers, it attacks.
Alas, the peaceful Dude did not see the bath mitt until it was too late.

Friday, December 11, 2009

What's gonna work?


Baadmedicine Industries produced these lovelies for some lovely (and patient) preschool teachers.

From Interweave Knits Holiday 2009 - Felted Porcelain Bowls.

Fast, easy and pretty. And them to your list of quick knits.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Santa

It's been a while since I've written to you. It wasn't you, it was me. I was growing up, going to school, getting married, having two daughters. I know that's not a very good excuse for my lack of correspondence. I can only say that I am sorry.

I have changed, Santa. I used to look forward to toys under the tree. Then I wanted clothes. I asked for a boom box, I asked for a CD player. And every year, you delivered. (By the way, I'm sure that you were joking the year you put an onion in my stocking. I figured you have a great sense of humour, what with all the Ho Ho Hoing you do.)

This year, I was hoping you could give me time. Time to be still. Time to enjoy my girls. Time to knit. Most importantly, I would like some time with my Dude.

You don't have to wrap it up, Santa, and I'm sure it wouldn't weigh down your sleigh too much. I know that you don't always bring what people ask for; I am still waiting for that Roller Skating Doll. Just do what you can and I'll do the rest.

Thanking you in advance,


Monday, December 7, 2009

I actually finished something

It is a shock to me. I finished knitting something. And almost on time.

This is my mother's 60th birthday present, given to her in the sunny Californian Desert.

I asked it to be given immediately back to me, because, yes the knitting was complete, but the blocking was not.

It is made with Handmaiden Rumple in Ivory. It is a shimmery gold colour. Lovely yarn, but a true pain in the butt to work with. Think of novelty yarn made out of 100% silk and hand-dyed. Gorgeous but frightfully annoying (kind of like my kids).

Happy birthday Mom. You'll have it to take back with you to the desert.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A chill in the air...

There is snow on the ground. The Dude assures me it is here to stay. Perfect weather for handknits.

I've been plugging away at the Christmas list and find that I am on the home stretch. I have finished some Earl Grey Socks for my uncle. I knit him socks every year and he tells me they are the only ones that keep his feet warm. And that little tidbit keeps my heart warm.

I have finished one and a bit of my Baba's mittens. I feel like I'm getting better at this whole stranded knitting thing. The more I do it, the faster I get. I just have to knit colourwork periodically to get the skill up.

I started some Cauchy socks for another man in my life. I got a little help from a knitter on Ravelry and increased the stitch count to 72 which is my standard number of stitches for a man's sock.

Those are Catknip's Signature DPNs that she's letting me test drive. They are sweet. The tips are pointy and never split a stitch. The body of the needle is slightly grooved which makes it grippy but not too grippy. In short, I would be happy to receive a set in 2.25 mm and/or 2.5 mm this Christmas. I know that's a big request, but if you don't ask, you don't get.

I'm also working on a gift for the teachers at P1 and Stinky's preschool. I'm knitting the Porcelain Bowls for the Holiday Interweave Knits magazine. T will do the lace and together, we will have a low effort, (hopefully) high impact gift. I just love teamwork.

And once these projects are completed, I will be done.

But for now, I'd better get back to the needles.