Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Lies I Tell

Long ago I wrote a post saying how I had only one thing on my knitting list for Christmas this year (I of course can't find that post, but trust me, I said it).

The Beast.

Then the closer and closer we get to the big day I start adding in projects. Little ones here and there. And a couple of big ones. And then my Love also starting adding things to the Christmas knit list. Next thing you know.....

No Beast done.

My Love knows it's not coming.

He laughs that I'm stressed about it.

He laughs at me a lot actually.

He will get a body and a sleeve under the Christmas tree this year. I hope that he can be wearing it by Valentine's day.

I'm pretty sure he'll keep me around no matter what. I make some pretty good Nanaimo bars to make up for my shortcomings as a knitter.


catknip said...

Shortcomings? Are you freakin' kidding me? That man should worship the ground you walk on for your many talents besides knitting ....

J. said...

I'm pretty sure he knew that you wouldn't have it done. And don't be so hard on yourself. It's quite the knit.

And did you say Nanaimo Bars?

Amanda said...

Tsk tsk, shortcomings as a knitter! Impossible, simply a shortage of time ;)
Those Nanaimo Bars look rather luscious.

andi said...

I apologize for making you the husband cardigan guinea pig. At least you STARTED yours. And who really needs two sleeves anyway?