Monday, December 28, 2009

In Limbo

The week between Christmas and New Year's is always one of my favorites - at least since I work for a place that is always closed for that week. You are trying to relax, put toys together, eat more and hunker down.

However, my kids are a little tired of being together every moment for the last week, so some friends coming over is a welcomed distraction.

And the inaugural skate on the backyard rink. My biggest kid did NOT want to come inside - he could have been out there all day.

We have a few more days of this blissful existence before the return to the regular schedule. We'll try and enjoy every minute of it.


J. said...

The Princess would like to come over and try the ice. Please?

Amanda said...

Your own backyard rink - what a way to pass the time! Enjoy every minute. I shall think of you on the ice while I have cocktails in the sun :)

catknip said...

Awesome rink!! We may stop by too just to see it.

Sarah said...

Ooh yes - I love this time too though no backyard rink for my entertainment! Sending you every happy wish for a wonderful 2010

Metta said...

It is good you have some time to relax and get new energy for the year 2010.

Wish you both A Happy New Year!