Friday, January 1, 2010

Highlights of 2009

I don't want to go on about the pros and cons of the year past. I'm not sentimental about New Years. I like the thought of a brand new slate, and try not to be burdened by the nagging leftovers of the previous year (the most important word in that line is try).

Having said that, 2009 did bring some great knitting-related highlights.

I made myself TWO of my best worn items of all times. Well worn and well loved.

I did some mean colour-work.

I got to go on an awesome weekend of knitting related antics with amazing girls (ladies? women? - it doesn't matter - they rock).

I also got the best knitting accessory of all time. A Snuggie. It's not a real snuggie - it's a fancy, wrap up blanket with little sleeves. It's adorable and warm and highly conducive to knitting. Love it.

It has been a good year. Full of great times, growing boys and lots of knitting.

Wishing you all a peaceful and knitterly 2010.


Amanda said...

You knitted some really great stuff - I look forward to seeing more in the new year. Happy knitting in 2010!

Sarah said...

Those are some great makes for 2009. Wishing you a fab 2010 - I love that clean slate of a new year

J. said...

You can put the mittens in the well worn, well loved category. I've worn them every day.

andi said...

Well said! And I think we've established that we are not quite at the level of 'ladies'. ;)