Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vancouver Twenty-Ten

The Olympics are coming to Canada! And with them, a huge amount of excitement for all Canadians.

There are torch relays to attend, and Olympic paraphenalia to buy, and pressure to apply to all the Canadian athletes (especially the hockey players - anything less than gold would be a huge disappointment.

Some of us are actually going to attend some Olympic events (J., not me) in Vancouver, while others (me) will watch from home with 2 little men who've been told that if they don't cheer from Canada they might get arrested. When you're 6, you generally just like to cheer for whoever is winning - he needs to learn that when it comes to the Olympics, it's entirely based on your country.

What I am doing to be prepared? Picking out my Ravelympics project. The Vine Yoke Cardigan By Ysolda (who is a genius!!). J. will also be partaking in this project.

I am getting excited to cast-on and knit for glory. And keeping my fingers crossed that we get at least ONE gold medal on Canadian soil.


SarahJanet said...

Oooh, hey J, when are you going to be in Vancouver? I'm going too!

Anne B. said...

I'm going to be a mess when the Canadian Figure skaters go out! I can be less invovled about the other sports, but mainly I love to see people doing well, or personal bests, even if they don't win!! I love the Olympics!

catknip said...

Great knitting choice. Go Canada go!

catknip said...

PS. Finn is of course adorable. Who wouldn't be excited about the Olympics with a torch bearer that cute?

J. said...

I will in Vancouver from Feb 19-21 for 2 hockey games, neither of which involve Canada. They will likely involve knitting and beer. That's ok, right?

Amanda said...

You've got to get to them young! Nice choice of project.