Thursday, January 7, 2010

The moment of truth

So The Beast.

It stresses me a little bit (kind of like how hauling my 3 year old out of public places stresses me out "a bit").

A lot of work is going to go into this little project and I just really want it to work out. So, on the suggestion of the knitting guru AKA J., I decided to block the pieces I've done and see how they fit. Make sure my original swatch didn't lie.

Last night was the moment of truth.

And guess what.....'s good. Really good.

We measured it against one of my Love's favorite sweaters and it's almost a perfect match. I'm debating adding 0.5 more inches to the body, but other than that, I'm totally on the right track.

Did you hear the HUGE sigh of relief from my little neighbourhood last night?


J. said...

Oh, hurray! I'm so glad that there will be no frogging required. And I think I would knit an extra bit cause sweaters on guys should be longer than shorter, don't you think? And it might ride up a bit when the whole thing is done.

Sarah said...

Cheering from over here for you :)

Amanda said...

Hooray! I find it really hard knitting for men so I am impressed.

catknip said...

It looks awesome! I can hardly wait to see him in it.