Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Virtual Party

It is Ms J's 29th birthday today, and in honour of that, I thought we could throw a little virtual party for her. Everyone is invited - you just have to leave a comment of a virtual present you want to send J. I'll start.

I give you a complete set of Signature DPNs. All sizes.

I give you a spot in the Notorious Sock Knitter's World Domination Tour 2010 (did you hear there will be a pattern from Meg Swansen??).

You also get registration to all Cat Bordhi's workshops at Olds Fibre Week.

Happy Birthday my dear friend - you truly deserve all of this and more.


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Miss J - how about as much sock yarn as will fit into her house?

Anne B. said...

How about an all expenses paid trip to Germany, with a $1000K gift certificate to Wollenmeise to buy yarn for all your friends? Happy Birthday!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday and limitless skeins of Ripples Crafts Hand Dyed cashmere/silk/alpace lace weight yarn.

T. said...

I also give her an extra 3 hours a day (childfree) to knit.

Anonymous said...

An all expenses paid trip ANYWHERE, and enough yarn to achieve SABLE 3 times over.

J. said...

You are all so sweet! Thanks for your thoughtful imaginary gifts!