Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Bird in the Hand.... priceless. At least, these ones are.

I like to do a little selfish knitting for my birthday. It's just after the holidays and I have spent the last few months of the year knitting gifts for loved ones. Once I'm finished, I cast on for myself.

These are the Bird in Hand mittens. I love them. Cascade 220 in red and a lovely, lofty, creamy alpaca that lives not 45 minutes from where I am typing.
They are warm and soft and make me smile.


Sarah said...

They are a lovely lovely pair of mittens - great pattern and I love your yarn choices - and how lovely to use something so local

T. said...

My favourite part - the thumbs!

Metta said...

I love your mittens! Great pattern, especially the thumbs. Mine are much simpler,

Sorry, I missed your birthday, so here are my congratulations.

catknip said...

Well done! They're lovely.