Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I Heart Podcasts

To be honest, this is really an infatuation. I am relatively new to the world of podcasts so I haven't had time to develop real love. That comes with time. Right now, I'm in lust. I love listening in on other people's knitting lives. Some people talk about the wholesome craft of knitting and what it means in their lives. Others are more free with their discussions of yarn porn and their drinking escapades. Hopefully no knitting was harmed during these drunken binges. Some mix passions like knitting and eating (this lady's got her priorities straight) waxing on about pasta and purling.

I'm really enjoying the sense of being a part of a larger thing while sitting alone and knitting. I can put my feet up and hang with my knitters without feeling the pressure to contribute although sometimes I'd like to. I'm quite opionated, really. I also like being in a knitting frame of mind while I'm doing something else but would rather be knitting. Running, for instance, goes faster while I'm listening to people gush about sock yarn. Cleaning the bathroom is less of chore if I'm learning about weaving at the same time.

Can I recommend a few podcasts that I've enjoyed?

Caston Love this one. And not just cause it was my first. Good music and honest knitting.
It'saPurlMan Dude met the Harlot in Central Park and lived to tell the tale.
Lime&Violet Be prepared. These gals are nuts. But in that good way, you know?
Math4Knitters Bring a pencil, some paper, a calculator and a tutor. You're gonna learn something, I tells ya.
SleepyEyesKnits Soothing and cheeky at the same time.
TheKnittingCook Can't go wrong.

What's on your pod and in your buds?

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emma said...

If you listen to Its A Purl Man you have to listen to YKnit!