Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Random Thoughts

Taking a page out of the Yarn Harlot's book and I'm just going to be putting down random thoughts today.

1. My husband has confiscated the camera - he keeps taking it to 'work'. Not sure if this is actually true or if he is trying to curb my blogging. Therefore, no camera, and again no pics from me.

2. I am doing my first big run on Sunday - 10K. I've never ran a race longer than 5K - I'm nervous and excited. If there was only a way I could combine knitting with running - however, think it's far too dangerous. Will just keep listening to knitting podcasts instead. Cast-on got me through Sunday's 8.5K.

3. Had to frog my husband's Father's day gift. Two mistakes in cabling. The one I could have lived with (twisted cable) but then I lost my spot and started on the wrong row - couldn't live with that. So, starting that over.

4. Finally finished winding up my yarn for the Tuscany shawl. All 1000m of it (or as my husband kept saying "you have to wind up 1K full of yarn???"). Then J. reminded me that not only was I winding a kilometre of yarn, but I'd knit a kilometre of yarn. Then it got me thinking of how many kilometres of yarn I've used in my life....scary....

5. Going back to work soon - so will need to come up with some good transportable projects to take for lunch (can you say socks!). I've never really knit at work, but think I'm going to start. Might help keep me sane (or at least on the train to the village of Sanity).

Think that's it - nothing of importance but all important to me.

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andi said...

Hi. Just Andi from your stitch and bitch delurking to say that I love your blog. If you wish to check out my blog, be warned that there is very little knitting content, and that it is more of the tiresome mama-blog variety. Although, being moms, perhaps you won't mind that too much?

Hope to see you at S&B soon - although I'm sure the children, particularly the soon-to-be-baby, will foil my plans...