Tuesday, May 1, 2007

They say it's a virtue...

I am not very patient. I mean, I suppose compared to some (T.), I can wait things out. For the most part, I'm an instant gratification kinda girl. I man, I like things done now. Yesterday. You know what I mean. Ironic, then, that I am a knitter. Sometimes, knitting is all about getting to the finish line. See Exhibit A.

Please, Pomatomus, finish yourselves. Knit extra rows while I sleep. Do whatever it takes so that I can wear your loveliness instead of being stuck in the drudgery of knit 1, purl 1. I really should have read that pattern before I started. Note to loved ones: I don't think I'll be knitting this pattern again anytime soon. Do not get your hopes up.

Having said that, I am planning on knitting a shawl for my sister. She's getting married next year. Any ideas on a pattern? Something that isn't knit 1, purl 1 ad nauseum, please.

Then again, sometimes I like to knit just to knit. Please see Exhibit B. Butterfly, as I have nicknamed her, is coming along nicely. Only another mile or two of stocking stitch and I should be done. Now that's some quality TV knitting. I don't have to look at or think about what I'm doing and the sweater grows. I swear it does!

I was hoping that knitting would help me develp some patience. It hasn't really worked. I mean I love knitting for any number of reasons, not the least of which is that it allows me to watch TV guilt free. I love making something from a string and some sticks. I thought running would help me learn patience, too, but it only led to some achy muscles. (I'm running the half marathon with my sister in law. I'll let you know how we do.)

It turns out there's only one thing that makes me slow down. Exhibit C. There is never going to be enough time in the world for soaking her up. Grow up slowly, Little One. I'm not going anywhere.


T. said...

Hey J. - what's the pattern for the top sock?

J. said...

The only toe up sock I've done that I liked was Baudelaire. Firgure 8 cast on. Nearly killed me. Twice.