Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Knitting of Auntie J.

J. taught me to knit. I'm not even really sure when. I remember going to the book store with her and buying Debbie Bliss's How to Knit. I remember going with her to get the yellow cotton yarn and 4mm needles to start the first project (a garter stitch bag). That's how J.'s knitting started permeating my household.

It has progressed from there. J. usually knits me something for Christmas and my birthday (a big feat given that she knits a lot of Christmas presents and she has a lot of birthdays, including mine, in the 2 months post-Christmas). I have accumulated a lot of J.'s originals.

And she doesn't just knit for me. Both my boys were recipients of knitting ensembles brought to the hospital after they were born (one was a bear and one was a lab-rat; sounds crazy but fits our family). They also have matching hats. Even my husband has a hat knit by J. (it matches the boys...too cute or what).

And of course socks.

As I was getting dressed today and put on my pair of Baudelaire's from this year's birthday present, and then got my baby dressed and put on his pair of Auntie J.'s originals, I realized what an impact J. and her knitting have had on my family. Every piece special to us - and from one knitter to another, knowing what work is involved with each stitch. Thanks J.

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J. said...

Does this mean I have to collect all of my T. knits? Don't make me break out "The Scarf". I haven't the strength.

(And you're welcome.)