Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Love Affair is Over

It didn't last long -- sometimes things just aren't meant to be. I don't think it was me, but Lace has decided to make things difficult. Not sure what the downfall was. I need to cotemplate a little longer as to why things didn't work out.

Things began well enough. It took a little work to get started (recall the 1 K of yarn winding), but once that rough patch was over, things were looking up. We started out together on the path to Tuscany. We didn't make it too far along the path before I realized things weren't working out. So we started over, and then started over again and again. After many, many tries, I realized this was really not meant to be.

This is the after picture of the yarn. Innocent enough, right? Now take a closer look.........

See that big mess of yarn at the front - that's from being frogged about 15 times. Who knew you could split lace yarn and drop stitches and lose track of where you were 15 times. Honestly, it's over.

On the brighter side, I ran my "big race" today - thanks to J. She had to kick my a$% a few times along the way, but I did it. I had a minor (well more like Major) panic attack at the 8K mark when I looked up and all I saw was uphill back to the finish line. J. should seriously consider a job in motivational speaking, or cheerleading. She's THAT good.

Here we are at the finishing line (I'm the tall one - J.'s the athletic-looking one).
J. waited for me at the bottom of the last bit of trail so that we could run it in! She ran the whole way with me and talked the entire time to keep me distracted (not really that hard to believe if you know J.). She's the best!

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J. said...

Yes, I am the best and yes, I am that good. I am also extremely modest and extremely proud that T. ran 10km! It's not easy to get your butt off the couch and drag it around your neighborhood, right Ordinarygirl? Not everyone is built like a runner. I know I'm not but I try anyway. I think it means more when you're doing something that doesn't come naturally, when you stick to it and finish something really tough with your head held high! Go T.! Now start training for that 15km race I told you about! Think of the rewards!