Thursday, May 24, 2007


No, not that Ron Howard film from 1985. Butterfly!!! She's just finishing up her development (ie she needs a few seams and maybe an intimate moment with a steamer) and then she'll burst forth. But not before she's ready. That's why you only get a sneak peak at her. I'd hate to ruin the big reveal.
In other news, I have completed a sock that is meant to be a birthday present for someone we know. Isn't it great when your work looks just like the picture in the book?

The elusive sock in the wild. Approach with caution.

Everyone wish T. a good run this weekend! I'm going along for moral support. I have introduced T. to my patented running reward system where you buy yourself something nice after having completed a big run. (Yes, I will tell you about my run one day. I've only just gotten rid of the remains of a particularly nasty blood bluster. Words are not enough.) T. and I plan on rewarding ourselves with a little Handmaiden Sea Silk. Don't know what it will end up being but we've both been coveting this stuff for a while and what better time?


T. said...

Love the sock yarn!

Can't wait to see the sweater!

Sarah said...

Also, my pharmacist husband is wondering if you can knit a mortar and pestle. Silly man.

The Ordinary Girl said...

But my birthday is in January, cough cough.
Sorry I can't resist. I have this curiosity about knitters that can't be squechled(sp?).
Can't wait for the reveal.

J. said...

I'm sure I could whip up a mortar and pestle. T. thinks we could felt it. Fun times in pharmacyland!