Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Lure of Lace

I wouldn't call myself an experienced knitter or an advanced knitter. I can do a few nifty tricks like cable, but haven't knit a lot with seriously difficult patterns. But lately I've got this urge to knit lace. Not sure where it came from. I'm not a girly girl and I don't normally run around in lacely, Victorian-like clothes, but I have this need to knit some.

For mother's day I received a copy of No Sheep for You and there is an AMAZING shawl called Tuscany. It is beautiful and I think it will be my first major lace project (other than socks, but those don't really count). I've never worn a shawl and can't say I can see wearing one in the near future but this pattern is so beautiful I can't help but make it. There are some pics of finished ones on the No Sheep Knit-a-long. VERY nice. I bought some red merino lace weight (lost the ball band already...par for the course) to knit it up. A little bit of a lighter weight yarn than what it was originally knit with but I wanted to try lace weight. It's taking forever to wind up into a ball (I have a swift, manufactured by J. and her sister-in-law) but not a ball winder - can see know why you should have both.

Once it's wound I will start. Therefore I need to get a lot of other things off the needles first - like a birthday sweater for my god-daughter and a father's day present for my husband (not saying what, as he is likely lurking....). I know once I start the Tuscany I won't be able to stop, so it's not a bad thing it's taking so long to wind the yarn up.

Will keep you posted with the Tuscany progress....

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J. said...

That is SO crazy cause I woke up yesterday with this idea to knit a lace scarf with my Koigu!!! This is the only the second time in my life that I felt the urge to make up my own pattern and it's lace! Who am I kidding? I've never knit lace, either, but I really want to so I'm using Barbara Walker as my guide and I'm making up a scarf that has a dayflower lace pattern in the middle and leaves on the edges. This may be the only time you hear of it if it doesn't work out. I probably would be knitting the Tuscany Shawl but I haven't got a copy of NSFY from the library and I don't think T. would lend me hers at this point.

Go, Team Lace! (Look, T., it's our own Lace-a-Long and we didn't even know it!)