Sunday, April 29, 2007

Love for the Harlot

There are so many knitting blogs out there. People sharing pictures of their masterpieces, problems with patterns and just being part of a greater knitting community. Any blog out there that contains lists of "favorite sites" ALWAYS includes the Yarn Harlot. Why? Why are we all drawn to this person?

She has been described as the "rock star in the world of knitting". I know J. and I think so - if there were posters of her, we'd have them pinned up in our locker. We discuss her blog postings regularly, we were completely disheartened when we were unable to watch her on Knitty Gritty (don't get this in Canada) and we dream of the day when we can see her knit in person. I saw her knitting one time on CBC - she was discussing KWB and knitting at the same time. I was AMAZED. I called my husband into the room and was excitedly spewing "look at her knit, can you believe that; I've NEVER seen anyone knit so fast. Look at her knit". It was truly like watching a master. I was mesmerized.

I think what draws me to the Harlot is her approach to knitting. She is obviously obsessed with knitting (as am I) but she isn't, or at least doesn't seem to be, obsessed with the "rules of knitting". She ad libs; she takes chances and she makes mistakes; she is serious about knitting but doesn't take everything regarding knitting too seriously. So refreshing. So real. This is what is enticing and enthralling about her. When I grow up, I want to knit like her.

So Ms. Pearl-McPhee - J. and I salute you for all you stand for and all you do in knitting. Thanks for showing us the way.

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J. said...

T., thanks for not mentioning our plan to stalk the Harlot. It might freak her out. We'll need to be stealthy in order to spot and possibly photograph the elusive Yarn Harlot. I hear she can be enticed with sock yarn.