Friday, April 20, 2007

I Heart Cookie A

When I learned to knit, I started with dishcloths and moved directly to socks. I didn't know that socks are hard, that I'd have to use many needles and wear protective eyewear for the first few pairs. I just wanted some thick wooly socks to keep the tootsies warm. I made a brief foray into intarsia (Backpedal! Backpedal!) and then discovered SELF STRIPING SOCK YARN.

Wow, I thought! Now I can knit socks and they'll be fancy and everyone will be so impressed with me and they'll talk about my socks around the water cooler. "That J. sure can knit socks", they'll say. "She's got skills."

But isn't it funny how quickly one can become disillusioned with the apple of their eye? I, for example, have a large quantity of self striping yarn in my stash. It has been waiting for me to dust it off and whip up some Jaywalkers and I thought about it for a moment and then I met Cookie A. Oh, Cookie. You wooed me with Baudelaire (even though I had to learn how to do a figure 8 cast on and it nearly drove me to ruin), you enticed me with Hedera. I stalked your blog, I coveted your brilliant hosiery. I wrung my hands and I tossed at night. The only thing that could calm my feet was

REVENGE! (Titania's Revenge, actually, knit in Lorna's Laces Vera colorway.)

I'm feeling a bit better now. Having these socks on my feet takes the edge off a little.
Note the crazy fauz cable. I think if I were to knit these again, I would continue the lace and faux cable through the toe decreased until they just disappeared. But that will have to wait, because I'm knitting new socks now. Pomatomus, you are MINE!

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T. said...

Who doesn't love Cookie A??? Honestly, she's freakin' brilliant.