Saturday, April 21, 2007

Can I get an AMEN?

T. and I have been talking about starting a blog for a while. Part of me felt guilty for always reading other people's blogs and not contributing. Another part needed an outlet for my frustrations, knitting and otherwise. Only recently have I become aware of the sense of community that comes with being a knitter. I mean, there are a lot of blogs you can read on a daily basis that discuss new patterns, new yarns, the mistakes knitters have made, the successes they've had.

Knitting can be a very solitary activity done in your home or perhaps shared with a few friends. The repetitive motions are soothing. One can reach a point where you don't really need to look at what you're doing if the pattern is simple. The mind is free to wander, to undo the knots of the rest of your life, to muddle through the problems of the everyday. And if you make an error, you just rip it back. At the same time, knitting patterns can be complex and all consuming, requiring your full attention and concentration. This can be a welcome distraction from the day to day.

I am amazed at the size and scope of the knitting community, both online and in person. You can find knitting groups in just about every major city in North America and strangers are always welcome. Knitting blogs abound. You can read about knitters who range from goth to grandma and everyone is welcome. These knitters understand what it is to chose a pattern to knit for a loved one, to painstakingly find just the right yarn in just the right shade. They know that to knit a pair of socks can require more stitches than a sweater. Knitters understand what it feels like to find that pair of handmade socks in the bottom of a drawer, unworn and forgotten about, but that the love with which they were knit remains.

I am delighted to contribute to and take part in this community with my good friend, T. We enjoy knitting and we are really good at it. I know that nonknitters don't understand our culture and that's fine. All I'm looking for is a little support and understanding. Can I get an AMEN?