Sunday, January 3, 2010

In conclusion...

Last year, I had excellent intentions of burning up my stash. I was going to knit only from yarn that I had and was going to save money. And I meant it, at the time. Unfortunately, a couple of sock clubs, some tempting sales and some fabulous yarn have been my undoing. I stopped keeping track of the yarn diet sometime in November. I guess I didn't want to see how much yarn I managed to accumulate.

On the other hand, I managed to knit 32 pairs of socks and or mittens. That is nothing to sneeze at. If I can manage the same this year, I might just use up some of the yarn I have lying around. I have decided not to worry about keeping track. It's my yarn and I like it. I plan on making a few sweaters this year with some of it, a shawl or two, socks and mittens. The thing I love about my stash is the potential. I pick up a ball of soft worsted and see a cowl, a scarf, a hat, colourwork on the yoke of a sweater. It could be anything I could think of. Why would I want to lose all of that food for my imagination?

I managed to whip up a few quick projects at the end of the year.

A hat.

A bat.

Some socks. (I'm pretty sure these took a couple of years off my life. Don't attempt men's sized socks with Socks that Rock Lightweight. I just barely had enough.)

I'm starting 2010 with some great socks on the needles and a lot of yarn waiting for me. My potential is limitless.


T. said...

Unlimited potential is right - and to me a lot of the fun in this little knitting endeavour is just dreaming about what's next.

Amanda said...

Ah yes I too stopped keeping track of yarn coming in - far too many delights. You accomplished some great knitting in 2009 and I'm sure will have a lot to show again in 2010. Revel in that stash!

Metta said...

My intention last year was to knit only from my stash and to buy very little new yarn. I soon found out that it was impossible, so I didn´t even start keeping track. All my mittens (15 pairs) needed new superwash yarn.

andi said...

I cannot believe how much you got accomplished! And you certainly don't need to defend the size of your stash to me. It's not like yarn has an expiry date, right?

Anonymous said...

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