Monday, August 24, 2009

Friends don't let Friends

knit lace-weight cardigans. Right J?

It is a lovely cardigan. Soft and light and breezy.

It will be perfect for Fall and the colour is definitely perfect.

But I'm glad it's done. DONE.

On to bigger and better things. Like this perhaps?


Luch said...

Looks great Teri! Do you love it?

J. said...

Hurray! How many yards did you bust with that monster? You'll wear it SO much!

And I can't wait to start the BaadMedicine Wisteria-a-long.

Amanda said...

Ah but so worth it! It looks beautiful.

Sarah said...

Looks sooo pretty - good job no-one stopped you :)

Wisteria would be a lovely next sweater

andi said...

But if we would have stopped you, you wouldn't have such a beautiful (and let's not forget, useful) sweater. Love it. :)