Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Husband of the Year?

Last week, my Love abandoned me for a few days to go to Boston for "work" (as far as I'm concerned, it can't truly be considered work if it's in a fun place). The College he was staying at was 10 miles from Webs. Yes, you heard me. 10 miles from the largest yarn store in America. 10 miles. To top it off, on the shuttle out to the conference he met a knitter who ALSO wanted to go to Webs.

So he went. He went with a list and my hopes that he wouldn't be overwhelmed.

He took pictures of the store.

He took pictures of the warehouse - yes, warehouse.

He took a special picture just for J. (note the reference in the picture to your knitting boyfriend - I guess my Love does listen to me when I drone on about knitting)

And he may have bought me some yarn. Maybe. (I'll show you that next time....it's good).


J. said...

Oh, he's a keeper. Thank him again for helping me build back the stash.

Sarah said...

Oh good work husby! Can't wait to see the yarns :)

andi said...

Husband of the year? Hell, yes! Just don't tell Jay I said so.