Friday, August 21, 2009

Made In Brooklyn: A Book Review

My knitting boyfriend, I mean, Jared Flood recently published a book of patterns. When I heard about this collection, I was thrilled. Jared's blog, Brooklyn Tweed, never fails to inspire. His amazing photography, love of classic design and us of neutral colour palettes make his projects accessible to most knitters. Once Jared has knit a pattern, it turns up on Ravelry queues and on needles everywhere.

Prior to the publication of this book, Jared has had a number of patterns published and I have had the pleasure of knitting a few of them. I find his instructions to be very clear and absence
of fussiness in the knitting process.

There is a nice mix of projects here. There is colourwork and cables.
Lace. (This is made from 2 km of laceweight alpaca. Not for the feint of heart. One day, though....)

Sweaters for men and women. (Ok. These are not sweaters, but the Dud looks interested, don't you think?)



The patterns to me speak of Elizabeth Zimmerman in a modern way. Elegant and wearable.

5 hearts to you, Jared Flood. And not just cause you're my knitting boyfriend.

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T. said...

The Dude looks like he wants more than just a sweater.....