Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Over Ripe

I finally got around to knitting the July STR sock club kit. I could give you all sorts of reasons why I delayed these socks. I was in not one but two knit a longs. I got caught in a web of Christmas knitting that would not be denied. It's summer and I don't usually wear socks in summer.

With the September kit looming, I cast on these little anklets. The pattern is called In Season with the yarn being inspired by the colour of garden fresh vegetables.

While I think the pattern is cute, I can't say that I love these socks. The colour is just wrong for me. It's very vibrant without a hint of blue. Not that I discriminate against colours that aren't blue. I just happened to find this skein especially lacking in colours that I normally wear. That is to say, blue.

I knit them and and have set them aside for such a time as I find myself greatly changed in my colour preferences, or wishing to give them to someone who could give them a good home.



Amanda said...

Socks are ever so cute! I like them even though they have no blue :)

Donna Lee said...

I like the stripes on them. They're not really my colors either (not blue!) but I'd wear them under jeans with a vaguely coordinating shirt. That's what I do with the sockyarns I like that aren't blue. I find I am much more adventurous in my sock colors than I am in my clothes.