Monday, December 7, 2009

I actually finished something

It is a shock to me. I finished knitting something. And almost on time.

This is my mother's 60th birthday present, given to her in the sunny Californian Desert.

I asked it to be given immediately back to me, because, yes the knitting was complete, but the blocking was not.

It is made with Handmaiden Rumple in Ivory. It is a shimmery gold colour. Lovely yarn, but a true pain in the butt to work with. Think of novelty yarn made out of 100% silk and hand-dyed. Gorgeous but frightfully annoying (kind of like my kids).

Happy birthday Mom. You'll have it to take back with you to the desert.


Amanda said...

The end product was well worth the agro - lovely shawl.

J. said...

It turned out really well! I'm sure you're Mom will love wearing it to the the club to show all of her friends.

catknip said...

It looks great! Aaah! I remember watching the ball get smaller just a few weeks ago ...