Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Her Hands

Hands are very personal things. They are unique and individual. Hands tell the story of a life.

My Baba's hands are wrinkly. The fingers are a little crooked but strong. They kneed dough. They roll cookies. Her pinkies are delicate and turn in slightly at the last joint. Baba wears a ring with the birthstones of her five children. When she visits with people, her hands sit in her lap, occasionally bouncing a little.

Those hands have worked hard. They have milked cows, held baby chicks, cooked and cleaned for her ever expanding family. They have cradled me while I slept, tapped me on the back when I've done well, held me close.

And now they will be warm.


Metta said...

The mitts look gorgeous and I am sure they will keep your baba´s hands warm.

I am so glad I have inspired you to knit so beautiful mitts. Love

T. said...

That's so lovely. It helps me remember my Grandma's hands. Hands that did all of those things over and over again. Always with love.

Amanda said...

Gorgeous mitts and a lovely post.

Anne B. said...

Such beautiful, elegant mittens. I'm sure they will be well loved!

andi said...

How did you make me cry with a post about mittens? You're sweet with just a hint of evil, you are.

When I think of hands, I think of this photograph -

Thought you might like it too. Can't wait to hear Baba's reaction to those beautiful mittens.