Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Head Down, Needles Up

I have not cast on anything new in the last 7 days. This is huge for me. Huge. I have been working primarily on my Hanami and my Tomten jacket.

In an effort this "fix" this problem, I have been evaluating my need to continually cast things on. This habit appears in many other facets of my life. I think the root of the problem is that I am easily bored. I got bored with my old job, so I went back to school. I was bored with my current job so I looked into other jobs (I stayed put, which is good, but spent a lot of time considering other options). I always say "I like a new challenge", but I'm not sure that is the reason why I roam. I think it is more related to my inability to follow through. It's the thrill of starting something new that gets me and then after the initial buzz wears off, I'm bored. I don't have staying power.

I realize the same thing is happening in my knitting. I get bored with a project, so to get a buzz, I start something new, then I get bored with that, move on, get bored again, and so on and so on. Hence, I never get anything done, and I get frustrated with my progress. How the hell am I ever supposed to finish anything if I can't focus on one project at a time???

In my defence, I have recently finished these:

And these:

So I am making some progress. I also recognize I have a problem (the first step on the 12 step program, right?). I'm working on my follow through. My staying power.

It's a good thing I haven't gotten bored with this:

or this:

I'm putting my head down, keeping my needles up and perservering. I am looking forward to the buzz of finishing projects, not just starting them (that happens, doesn't it J.??? Tell me it does so I keep on going....). Head down, needles up.


J. said...

You're gonna love the rush of blocking lace, let me tell you. Seaming can be a little trying but seeing your FOs is worth it.

And for the record, you have excellent perseverence in the friendship department.

andi said...

So glad to see you're making some progress. And who could ever get bored of those cute boys?

catknip said...

Sometimes I wonder "why can't we have just one foot?" But you have perservered with a lot of things - like being my office mate ...

T. said...

J - I keep you around for comic relief, and the hope that your beautiful girl might marry one of my boys.

And yes Andi - all 3 of my boys are fairly cute (my honey asked if I had written consent to post his pic - think he's a little embarrassed).

Catknip - I also keep you around for comic relief - and you're sane (not like other office mates...)

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

t., if you are successful in completing the 12-step program and are able to cure your need to keep starting something new....will you be my "sponsor"? LOL - I seem to be afflicted with the same problem as you - casting on with a rush, but not following through.

Lately, I seem to be procrastinating on more and more things besides my knitting ;( Might be in defense of a life that becomes increasingly crowded with so many things....hmmm....

Good luck to both of us ;D