Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paper Princesses

I have been putting off knitting sweaters for my little girls for a while. There was always something else to do, a Christmas gift, a baby. I have finally started the Paper Dolls sweater, one for each little girl.

I am using Wollmeise Twin (80 % wool, 20 % nylon) in a lovely purple and a hot pink. The yarn has proven to be quite soft and the colours show off the pattern nicely.
This one is for the big girl. I plan to make another with the colours reversed. Now I just have to decide whether I wait to give them as Christmas presents or take a bunch of adorable pictures in them before the holidays.


T. said...

A bunch of adorable pics pre-holidays definitely - too cute to wait!

Amanda said...

What T said - far too cute to wait. Piccies please.

Metta said...

I agreee with both T. and Amanda. Christmas is too far away. We want pictures as soon as the sweaters are ready.