Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saving Summer in a Jar

Knitting in the summer is somehow not quite right. For those of us who rely on multiple layers of clothing to protect our extremities for at least half the year, wool is our friend. We require much warmth and knitting is an excellent way to provide this warmth. It's so important that we often spend our summers knitting in preparation for the winter. (And also for Christmas, but I digress).

The last few days, I have been doing some other work to prepare for the short, cold days of winter. I made jam. I made raspberry-blueberry-strawberry jam. I picked strawberries in a farmer's field and turned them into jam. I added rhubarb and port and made another batch. Making jam is not knitting but I derive the same sense of satisfaction when I line up my pretty little jars on the shelf in my basement, waiting to opened one morning when the sun hasn't risen and the world is covered with sparkly snow. I'll open my little jar and the smell of summer will seep out. I'll spread it on my toast and remember when I was warm.

(Do you want some jam, too? Here's a quick recipe. Take 8 cups of sliced strawberries, 5 cups of sugar and 1/4 cup of lemon juice. Mash them up in a pot and then boil it until it becomes thick. Pour it into jars and admire your work.)


T. said...

OH - that's sounds freakin' YUMMY. There are really no berries here right now - so I'm a wee bit jealous. Not sure "jam" would make it thru customs either.....
(the port sounds too good)

Amanda said...

Spread some on a slice of toast for me please!