Sunday, March 13, 2011

There's something I've been keeping from you...

It's not that I'm ashamed of it. I still knit. I knit every day. Sometimes, though, I need a little something different.

Something that moves quickly. Something that allows me to use up my stash and make gifts in less time.
My name is J. And I'm a (beginner) weaver.

There is something very satisfying about creating a fabric by passing yarn back and forth. Colours emerge in different ways when you're knitting and the fabric is different. I find myself looking at the way the yarn goes over and under.
So far, I've only made scarves with simple fringed hems. One day, I'll try weaving in the ends or sewing the long strip of fabric into a bag or weaving a hand towel. For now, I will enjoy tossing this scarf over my shoulders and feel good about learning a new skill.


T. said...

Gorgeous - scarf and flowers.

Metta said...

Your scarf looks lovely. It is always satisfying to learn new skills.
Yes, you are so right, my pictures show the first signs of spring here - a snow-drop and a tulip. The snow is slowly melting after a very difficult winter, that started in the middle of November.
Wish you a good week!
Love Metta