Friday, November 20, 2009

Is it Enough?

I have been thinking about Christmas knitting. While my fingers have been busy cruising through socks for loved ones, I have been thinking about the gift of my time, my craft, my yarn. I have been wondering why I feel that my knitting isn't enough. I often feel the need to supplement my work with other gifts.

But why? Why is my time and effort not enough, even for me? Why do I not give enough value to my own knitting to believe that it is a kind and lovely gift all on it's own? Or maybe I don't think that the recipients of my handiwork won't understand the time and thought that I put into their gifts.

My knitting is more special than a gift certificate. It is more heartfelt than a card. It is more time consuming than a trip to the mall. And I hope it is enough for my loved ones.


T. said...

I know how you feel -I assure you, any knitted gifts from Auntie Jo are well loved at Chez T.

Irene said...

I know how much work is involved to generate a knitted item. Maybe I should be on your xmas gift list???

catknip said...

I feel that the satisfaction I get from finishing a project is also a gift. So many things in life can be unfinished and that makes me crazy. If people don't appreciate your gifts of love they don't deserve them. BTW Braddock and I were cuddling in the Blessing Blanket last night.