Monday, April 12, 2010


Four years pass so quickly.
Four years and eleven months ago, I dreamed of having a baby. A little person to hold and cuddle and love.

Four years and eight months ago, I discovered you and wondered what you would become.

Four years and four months ago, I saw an image of you. Two hands, two feet, a beating heart.

Four years and 1 month ago, I waited and waited. Scared to become a mother. Scared to not be enough.

Four years ago, we met.

And here you are. Four. Tall and strong. Funny and delightful. You dance, you sing, you laugh, you spell and tell stories and help me more than I would have thought you could.

And I love you more than four times as much as I thought I could four years and 1 day ago.


catknip said...

We have the same dress!!! Did you make the cake because it looks very tasty.

catknip said...

Congratulations! Did you make the cake? It looks tasty.

T. said...

Seriously adorable. That kid is pretty darned awesome.

andi said...

She's so sweet! And this post made me cry.