Monday, April 26, 2010


Things here have been a little crazy, hence the radio silence.

I was out of town travelling quite a bit last week, however none of it very conducive to knitting. And the knitting at Chez T has been on hold a bit anyway.

The Beast is still NOT steeked.

The current project I'm working on is almost done but I'm COMPLETELY out of yarn.

I don't know what to start next and fear that J. may bug me incessantly if I start something new without steeking the Beast (she can be a scary little woman).

But I promise by the end of this week, I'll have something to show you ..... it may just be pretty pictures of my trees turning green, or gratuitous kid pics, but I promise, there will be something.


J. said...

We're steeking on Wednesday night. Prepare yourself.

Sarah said...

Ooh Wednesday night hey? No escape by the sounds of it T - I should think not, you've dallied long enough - it's time for the scissors

Amanda said...

Do the steek! And show off your success:)