Sunday, May 22, 2011

Being Crafty

I don't consider myself a crafty person. Yes, I knit but other than that, I think I'm pretty un-crafty. I'm no Martha Stewart. I don't have a craft room. I don't sit and make paper lanterns with my children. When I need cards, I buy them (or get the kids to fold up paper). I just knit.

However, I did go to a craft show today. I had heard there was yarn and where there's yarn, I'm not far behind. And I learned a number of things.

Lesson 1: There are a hell of a lot of quilters in the world
Every 2nd booth was a quilters booth, or fabric, or sewing machines. And there were quilted bags and jackets and people everywhere. Quilting seems to be where it's at (how is it that even at a craft show I'm not in the cool crowd?)

Lesson 2: Whenever you find cute buttons, buy them.
Lesson 3: I'm not meant to be a crafter.
Yes - I made this lovely jewelled book mark. It wasn't that hard really. But, it was too fiddly and there were too many pieces involved and there were so many tools, needle-nose this, and wire cutter that. They roped me in because I learned Viking knitting. Which was interesting, but likely won't be used 'round these parts again. Into the Christmas gift pile you go....

Lesson 4: Stainless steel in yarn is pretty darned cool
Saw a scarf knit in this that I must replicate. Must.

Lesson 5: You're NOT an idiot, even if after months of owning a spinning wheel you still can't use it.
At least, that's what the ladies of the Spinning Guild assured me. So, I'm supposed to go on a Saturday, Istvan (that's what I call my wheel) in hand, and learn from some greats. And I hear there's cake.

So, it was a good day out. I even brought along J., virtually. It was almost as good as having her with me. Ok, maybe that's stretching it....


J. said...

Tell me more about the stainless stell stuff.

And I'm excited for you to learn how to spin, even if it's just for the cake.

Lauren said...

Love the buttons!