Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Socks

I need to branch out. Its seems like all I've been knitting lately is socks. But WHAT socks. If I had to only knit socks, I would pick Cookie A's patterns.

Here is the second pair for April.

They're Mona in Dream in Colour Smooshy. I didn't love this pattern the first time I saw it. Having knit them, I do like them more. They're not my favourite socks ever but they were fun to knit, easy to memorize and a pleasant addition to my sock stock pile. The Smooshy yarn didn't really impress me. I loved the colours but the yarn itself was very thick and thin in spots. Maybe this is not the norm. (Let me know what your experiences are with this yarn. I would try it again if I knew that there were knitters out there
who love it.)

May brings Rhombus, which looks like a floral lattice pattern to me. I'm using Wollmeise Twin yarn in a bold turquoise colour.

With all this sock knitting going on, is anyone going to Sock Summit? What classes are you interested in? Maybe I'll see you there...


T. said...

Oh those nasty Rhombus - every 10 rows or so they KILL you with the worst cable I've ever knit. But boy they are pretty.

Lauren said...

Interesting about the Dream in Color - I am going to use Dream in Color for my Rhombus (if I ever finish my Sake...) so I'll let you know if I have the same problem.

T. said...

Lauren - I'm using Dream In Color for my Rhombus - so far so good but only about 1 leg repeat in