Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedded Bliss

We enjoyed a night at home, champagne in had, toasting the lovely royal couple. The hype is a bit much I think, but I did get swept up in the excitement.

Highlights for me were her sister's bridesmaid dress (loved it) and William looking like he was holding back a giggle.

As a knitter though, when I saw the pic of Kate in her party gown, I wondered immediately if the cardigan was hand knit. Can you imagine that job? Knitting an angora cardigan for the new Princess? No pressure.

And although I'm the only girl in my house, my boys let me be a girly girl and gush over the fashions and the hats. My youngest decided that I am the Queen of the house - Dad is the King, and the boys are the dragons.

I'm good with that.


Sarah said...

Oh yes - crazy hype but a beautiful event underneath all that :) Imagine being the knitter of a royal cardi!

J. said...

OH, those hats!

I loved when everyone was singing "God Save the Queen" and she just standing there, nodding knowingly.