Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring has Finally Sprung!!!

I live in the north, so winter does not come as a surprise to me. I actually like living in a place that has all four seasons. Each is distinct and has it's charms.

This year, winter came early and over stayed its welcome. We had piles of snow that were taller than me. (Clever readers might note that I am not very tall. This may be true, but a pile of anything that is as tall as me is too much in my opinion.) The weather would warm up a bit and then it would snow again. I started to think that the winter was getting to me. And hearing all about a certain someone's times at the beach or in a winery or barbequing wasn't helping the situation at all.

So I cast on some bright socks to brighten my mood. I was originally going to knit these socks in a deep purple but thankfully I realized that I was going to need all the help I could get seeing the pattern in these intricate socks. They were time consuming and fiddly but I really love them.

And by the time I finished these sunny socks, most of the snow had melted and the birds have started singing. Spring. Just what I was hoping for.

1 comment:

T. said...

I think nothing can lift your spirits quite like the colour orange.
But I may be biased.