Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Late Breaking News

There is some concern at the home of world renown knitter, J. People close to J are concerned about her mental health as her behaviour has become erratic.

"She's always been an avid knitter. That isn't anything new" stated the Dude, J's loving husband. "But lately, she's been knitting a lot of socks."

Ravelry project listing confirm the extensive collection
of Cookie A socks being produced by the fibre artist. The latest pair have experts baffled as their are intended for J herself....

...and are being knit in orange.

Updates as they become available.


T. said...

Totally baffled - I had just assumed they were for me!

J. said...

I thought you might. I think I was missing the sun. I was originally going to use purple yarn but that would have been too dark and tough to see the stitches.