Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today, my pretty little Princess, you turn five. Sometimes I catch you in the corner of my eye and I am amazed at how tall you've grown. Your hands are solid in mine.

Sometimes, you are so independent. You want to do things your way. You are stubborn and strong. I try to tell myself that that is the kind of woman I would like you to be when I'm not frustrated with your obstinence.

Sometimes you are so kind and nurturing. You are worried about teaching your sister all the things she needs to know as if you were the only one who could. You look after your friends at school and make sure no one is excluded.

You surprise me with the words you use and things you know. You light up when you smile.

Keeping growing and learning, my Pretty Little Lady. But not too fast.

Happy Birthday.


Lauren said...

How lovely! Happy birthday to your princess!

T. said...

HAPPY Birthday. And she does have the perfect attributes to be an amazing woman.....one day (no hurry).

Love her!