Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Instant Gratification

It is not a huge secret that I'm a very impatient person. This makes sweater knitting a little bit of a challenge. So to deal with the boredom and impatience of sweater knitting I sometimes have to spice things up with a little project here and there.

Welcome the Crumpet Beret.

My love has entitled this shot "Elle pense" because, well, he's weird. I'm not trying to look studious, I'm just trying to cover up my double chin with my fist.

I bought this yarn at Make 1 Yarns just a couple weeks ago and it is gorgeous. The hat is perfect for fall and makes me feel just a little bit French (even though it's called the Crumpet beret...not sure why....). The leaves pop up a little from the background giving it an interesting texture.

The big question is can I pull off a beret? Can anyone really pull off a beret outside of Paris? Do I have to put on a French accent while wearing it? Or just say "oh la la" a lot?


Amanda said...

Beautiful hat. I never have the courage to wear a beret. But perhaps with a French accent its possible!

Donna Lee said...

I am not a hat person (they make my head itch). But, that is a beautiful beret. I think it would encourage any latent French tendencies to come out.

catknip said...

I want to see you wear it. You'll look great in it. Remember those beret rules we discussed?

Metta said...

I love your beret and wouldn´t mind having one myself.

Thank you for adding 2 pair of socks to my tally. We are now knitting for the homeless people in our town, so the pair in offwhite will hopefully keep someone warm during the winter.
The second pair, Oak Leaf, has taken more than two months to finish. The remaining 4 pairs must have simpler patterns to be ready in 2008.

J. said...

I think it would be perfect with a scarf and a trench coat.

And wine.

And chocolate.

And red lipstick.

Am I overthinking this?

Sarah said...

I'm really starting to get into my TDF beret and with a chin hiding thoughtful pose like that you can carry off the beret for sure.

Devorah said...

You can absolutely carry it off!

What are the beret rules?