Saturday, November 29, 2008


I seem to enjoy covering feet up. It's not that they disgust me or scare me. I am not repulsed by toes or bunions. Warts don't really bother me.

Perhaps it is the fact that mine are often cold and there's nothing like a wool sock to keep them cozy. It probably also has to do with the love and time put into a good pair of handknit socks. Especially if the feet you are knitting for are of the large variety.

I finished one of the socks from the November STR sock club. I'm not sure how I feel about them. The pattern is quite geometric and I'm not sure I'm loving it. I do think it looks better on the foot as opposed to on the needles. I'll likely finish up the second sock before passing final judgement.

This was the last installment of this year's sock club and overall I am impressed. Most of the socks had a challenging element, like finding the right gauge, a tricky heel, some crazy cable. The colours were not always my favorites, but I'm finding that I wear most of them on a regular basis. Nothing like a fine sock yarn to push you out of your comfort zone. I think the only downer about the club was that all the yarn was light or medium weight. I was hoping to try a new fibre but that was not to be. Well, here's hoping there will be something new and different next year.

In other news, I started knitting some slippers for my Baba. (That's Grandma to non-Ukrainians.) I am using up some Mission Falls Cotton that I had in the stash and I think they are quite cute. I am going to put a little elastic along the top part of the foot to keep them snug and I may find some way of making the soles less slippy. Overall, a cute project that I hope will be well received.

Now, I will put my feet up and knit while the baby sleeps.


Metta said...

The sock looks very good on the foot. It is so nice to have many pair of socks to choose from when your feet are cold. The slippers will be perfect for your Baba and I think she will love them.

As you can see in my blog I have finished my 22nd pair now and there are only 2 pairs left to be knitted in December. Please update my tally. Love Metta

stitchin' girl said...

Those slippers look so warm and cozy. I am sure your Baba will love them!

T. said...

Your Baba will be so impressed - as she always is by your handi-work.