Tuesday, December 2, 2008


There are really few knitting emergencies. I don't mean knitting emergencies like a dropped stitch in a 300 st, 54 line repeat lace pattern. I mean emergencies when you have to knit things STAT.

However, this weekend brought one of those situations. My oldest boy seemed to have his hat go missing. So on Friday when my love picked him up from school they stopped by the office to check out the lost and found. I was sure it would be there waiting for him.

Gasp. They had JUST the day before cleaned out the lost and found. They had taken the items away (for a good cause...) and had nothing in the box. His handknit hat was gone.

Issue #1: How do you put your kid's name in a handknit hat so that if it does go missing in the school yard it can possibly find it's way back to your kid? I have no idea.

Issue #2: Punky had a field trip on Monday that was going to be outside. Hats and mitts required. Now, I could have just picked up a $3 hat at Old Navy when I was there, but as a knitter, I feel compelled to put my kids in handknit hats. I am embarrassed to have them in anything else. Knitting emergency. Produce a hat, whilst doing all your Christmas knitting (some of which has to get mailed....) during the weekend. Normally this wouldn't be a problem - when it's not the Christmas season of course.

Mission Accomplished.

And along with it, a couple of other hats for some cousins.


Amanda said...

There is no doubt about it - you are a star! Great hats, super knitting.

J. said...

Nicely done. Have you been working on your speed knitting?

Anonymous said...

YAY!, well done you!

Sarah said...

Good work fast needles! Nice to know you're a knitter to have around in emergencies