Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last minute preps

Whew. As of last night at 9pm, my big projects are DONE. Done I say. Well, there may be some minor blocking required, but the knitting is all finished.

So any guesses what I did at 9:01pm? Oh, I cast on for new Christmas projects. Because I'm mental. Clearly.

There are few things I can show, but I'll give you a glimpse at my favorite Christmas knit ever.

The Meathead. As of today I've made 4.5 of these for Christmas. I hope to get another 1.5 done.
Best hat ever.

I can't wait till I can actually show you some of the finished Christmas many more sleeps?


J. said...

No problem. We don't call them the 1 hour hats for nothing.

Amanda said...

Those hats look great. Can't wait to see all the other knits.

Sarah said...

Not many sleeps for you with all your knitting :o) Great work!

Devorah said...

Those are adorable. They were well received, I assume?