Wednesday, December 31, 2008

There are no losers here, only winners and heroes

Can we have a HOLLER for J., Metta and Catknip!! They did it - 24 pairs in 2008. Nice work ladies. Any of you sick of socks yet???

My final tally is 19.75. Maybe a little holler for me??

I was a winner in other ways, like knitting related Christmas goodies.

That's a Dumpling bag for me made by J, along with some knitting tags, and a knitting print from Ms. Poot and Cubby. I'm a lucky girl; not because of the gifts. It's the girls that gave me the gifts that are truly special. There's not a lot of people who get me. These girls get me.

And there are heroes in my life too. Guitar Heroes that is.

I can see some precious knitting time eaten up by this.

Here's to a winning 2009 to you all.


Amanda said...

A great 2009 to you too. That sock effort is pretty amazing. I'd like to do a pair a month this year and I suspect it will be a bit of a battle.

J. said...

Hollers for everyone!

And you know that we love you. The knitting is just a oil something to let you know that .


andi said...

Aw, T. You are awesome. Thanks for making me all teary, friend. I'm glad you liked the gift (and me!)

On another note, I cannot believe you guys and your sock tally! I think I knit two pairs. For shame!

I hope you have a fantastic new year. Love ya!

Jocelyn said...

*little holler for you!!* Congrats you guys! What a great goal.