Saturday, December 13, 2008


That's Stash Management. (This is a family show.)

T. and I have been mulling this whole stash business. In short, we think that keeping a running tally of yards into your stash versus yards out would be a good way to show our progress in terms of using up the stash. We've decided that part balls don't count. That's all we've got thus far. Any ideas? I think we need to devise a reward system since I happen to find that getting something is powerful motivation. Any ideas?

To enable us all to use up stash, I thought we could keep a list of projects that are quick and use up yarn that is laying around. A couple of my favorites are the Turn a Square hat by Brooklyn Tweed. (You know I have a crush on him, right?)

T. and I also like the Meathead hat. The nice thing about this one is that you can use a bunch of yarns together to get the 9 stitches/ 4 inches required for gauge.
We're going to use up that stash in the New Year! GO Team!


T. said...

My current meathead count is 5, working on number 6 and also need to make number 7.

Metta said...

I too have to use up my stash, but I am not sure what I will knit after finishing my socks. I have some yarn suitable for mittens so I maybe I will start with that.

I have given you a special award on my blog.

Jill said...

I"m definately working through my stash. I have at least 2 maybe 3 Calgary trips planned for next year. I did fail a tiny bit at Michaels yesterday, but only because I haven't bought yarn for MONTHS and I needed a fix. But I did get enough for a sweater.

I think maybe I'll do a "sock yarn" tally, and a "sweater yarn" count. Go from there. Yardage might be too intimidating.

(7.5 pairs of socks! My other goal is to finish WIPs before Jan 1. DOubtful)